Egg Carton Turkey

W finished two letters in school today, and wanted to do more. So I decided to get a jump on holiday decorating and we made some turkeys out of bits of egg carton. I took some photos along the way.

First, I cut the bits out of egg carton and glued everything together. We played outside while it all dried.

Then we painted. I painted mine, W painted his. Again, we went back outside to play while the paint dried.

Lastly, we glued on paper feathers, eyes, and beak. Then I glued each bird to a base.

W was very pleased with his turkey!

When he had left all sorts of random unpainted spots on his bird, I decided to let it go. I did give a minute or two of thought about whether the correct parenting thing to do would be to demand excellence in execution, and require that he paint the entire surface instead of doing a slipshod job. But I didn't think very long about it-- the kid is three years old. I asked him if he was all done painting, and he said he was, so I went with it. I asked T when he thought that a demonstration of competency was appropriate, and he guessed age six or seven, and I'm in agreement. So I won't have to give it any more thought for several more years. Until then, everything will just be about exploring the medium and working on motor skills, we won't worry about standards of execution. Besides, if perfection was required, the particular charm of a child-constructed tidbit would be lost, wouldn't it? And his little turkey is certainly charming.