Sleeping Boys

Poor W's little world is just turned upside down if Daddy is gone unexpectedly. T has a venture-fund sort of panel to sit on today for a friend in DC, so he's been gone since this morning and I don't expect him back until very late tonight, since the panel isn't over until 8pm and I suspect he'll go out afterwards. And then drive the three hours home.

The last time T missed bedtime (I think band practice last week) I put the boys to bed in their room, but W insisted falling asleep next to me. And M, too. And it was a stupid struggle to get the two of them to fall asleep next to me on the blow-up cot in their room. So tonight I just plopped them into my bed, so at least I would be comfortable as W cried and moaned for his Daddy. As usual, W was crying so much he fell asleep before M. But after spending some time crawling all over sleeping W (amusing for both M and me), M settled down to sleep, too.

I doubt T will bother trying to move them when he gets home, and while there is room for three in our bed, four just ain't gonna work. So T will probably take W's bed. Or the sofa. I'll find out in the morning.