Stein Mart Underwhelmed

I saw the "Now Open" sign up at the Stein Mart. I hadn't ever been in that store before, so I stopped in with the boys this morning. Lots of clothes for men and women. I didn't notice a children's section, but it was probably there. There was a shoe section in the back, and I found the pair of red boots I've been looking for to update my fall/winter wardrobe. Deep jewel tones are in, you know. There were some sweater dresses I might go back and try on if I get a chance to go into town without the children.

While there was a lot of product, it didn't seem to me that much different than what is already available here. It's no Loehmann's. But the selection was large enough that I suspect it will be less hit-or-miss than Marshall's or TJMaxx if you *need* an outfit for some reason. I might go there first in the future. So I guess that's some sort of endorsement.

But I'm not that excited about it. I mean, I didn't expect to be, but it's always nice to be pleasantly surprised. The local boutiques that I have been charmed by in the past either didn't weather the recession. Actually, since my heyday of shopping was pre-children, they might not even have survived past 2008, I wouldn't know. But they are gone now, regardless.

I think most of the new stores arriving are chains, but I'm always on the lookout for something new. And I'm not necessarily down on chain stores. I'll check out the new shopping center later this week, I think Trader Joe's will be open soon, and I haven't been in one since I was in CA.