Going to LA!

On Tuesday, Terry came down and announced that he had to spend his last three days of work on a business trip to LA, and I was none too happy about that. The only reason I decided to join him on our next trip to NY (we drive up Sunday) was to be around for him on his retirement date. Instead, he tells me he accepted the trip since he really wanted to spend his last day of work in LA with his coworker buddies Scott and former boss Gerry. This hurt my feelings and made me mad.

But yesterday, Terry said, "Why don't you come out to LA with me, we'll stay the weekend before coming back to New York." Well, hallelujah. Terry knows I LOVE L.A., he should have presented this at the same time he told me he was going, then I wouldn't have been mad at him even for a day. So I booked him his ticket on JetBlue, and I got on the standby lists for the same flights. It's a pain in the $@# to fly into LGB instead of LAX, but 1) it's free for me, and 2) the extra leg room on JetBlue planes makes a huge difference on cross-country flights, and 3) watching TV on your own screen from your seat really does make the time fly. Especially since Terry and I don't have cable or satellite or anything, so we use the flight & hotel time to watch all the cable shows we never get to see (hello, Project Runway!).