We Have A Door!

Not just ANY door, but a door where I have wanted one for years now! I know, there is already a door into the garden seemingly a few feet away, but from inside the house it is a horrible inconvenience to use. But THIS door, this door is perfectly positioned for picking herbs and produce while cooking, as well as for disposing compost after cooking.

I even had time to finish spackling the nail holes this afternoon and sanded and got a coat of primer on the outside before dark. I'm not sure if I'll paint tomorrow or sand a few more spots. It's easier for me to see how it looks when it's all the same color instead of different materials.

I haven't decided how I will landscape around the landing yet. We will probably do that work in the spring, and put in permanent wheelbarrow paths. I have lived with the mulched paths for a growing season now, and am satisfied with their width and placement. I will probably keep the other bed edgings less permanent so I can change them from time-to-time.

I will also need to repaint the dining room. I'm generally happy with the red, but want to use a better paint this time. But I'm also still in the market for a built-in china cabinet, so this might be the incentive I need to actually get the measurements to a cabinet guy and get the process rolling. Then I can match the *exact* new shade of red to whatever looks best with the wood.