The House That Eats Its Contents

I have lost so many things in this house in the past two years, that it's beginning to affect my lifestyle. Most recently I cannot find my Dremel. It's not like there isn't a place for it-- in the toolbox on the shelf in my sewing room. But it's not in its place, or anywhere else that we can find it. Neither can I find my camera, that has been missing for a month now. I've lost too many pens to count, and other random small things (like my glass nail file). Many of them I kept out of reach of the children, and the problems began when the children grew tall enough to reach them. And if it was something that posed a danger either to the children or my house if the children had it (pens!), then I generally moved it immediately to higher or more inaccessible location. But that new location was often hastily used, and not the proper "place" for the object. And that, I think, is the problem. Not that the kids have hidden so many things (although I could be wrong here, they move A LOT of things), but that in my effort to prevent the kids from losing my objects, I lose them myself.

I have been able to put off organizing drawers and closets for years now, because T and I know how to live in a small apartment, and there was just so much room in this house we thought the storage space would last indefinitely. And it might have, if it weren't for the children. Or at least I probably could have comfortably hit the 10-year residency milestone before a major reckoning became due. But it is due now. Perhaps overdue, but such projects cannot be tackled while one is caring for an infant. But M is nearly 1.5 years old now, and far less needy than this time last year. And the overflow of stuff is having a detrimental effect on my life. So I am motivated to clean house. Whether I will be capable of cleaning house is another issue. I am hopeful. Although much will need to be done only while the sitter is here, so it could take a year to get the whole house done with my current schedule. Also, I can't even devote the four hours per week solely to this project. I have some doctor's appointments upcoming that I will prioritize, as well as some significant tax planning. So whole-house organization might be a 2013 project rather than a 2012 project. But if I could focus on it for a whole year, then I think it would be a year well-spent.