New Tires DO Make All The Difference!

I finally got new tires for my sedan. Last month, I had gotten tired of it pulling to the left and made T take it in for an alignment. But the tires were aligned. The problem was that there was a different tire on each wheel of the car, and one was installed backwards. The pulling did indeed stop when the tire was properly seated and on the correct side of the car. But the ride was still terrible. It would shimmy and shake at highway speeds like I was driving a 1980s-era Civic hatchback. T had been in charge of the tires since it was more convenient for him to deal with it than me with the kids, but I have concluded that he was inadequately motivated to do a good job since he rarely drives the sedan.

So today, I solved my problem. I got four brand new name-brand tires installed. Hallelujah! While I was waiting for the work to be done (with both kids in tow), I noticed a sign with a giant Michelin man saying, "the tires make all the difference!" or something like that. And you know, he's right!

Driving home, I found myself cruising down the highway at the proper highway speed, and it didn't feel like the car was going to explode! Aaaaah. I was taking turns at speed and not feeling like the car was going to careen off at any moment. Now, the new tires didn't make the entire car like new, it still isn't as quiet as it used to be. But the ride, oh, the ride! The ride might not be as fine as it was new, but it's SO much better than it was this morning and for the past year, that I am delighted. I suspect this will be enough to make me happy with my old car until we can afford a new one.