Shopping and Painting

I used my free time (my sitter watches the kids on Wednesday afternoons) for shopping and painting. Nothing too exciting, I finished the second coat of white paint on the trim on the mudroom door, put a coat of primer around the frequently-used garage door trim (the less-frequently-used garage door trim has enough rot it needs to be replaced, which I don't plan to do myself). I patched holes and scraped paint off the garage entry door trim (I'll have to sand and prime it another day). I was set to prep the playroom bay window for painting, but found enough rot in the lower boards that they'll have to be replaced. Where there were smaller rotten spots in the upper boards I just scraped them out and filled them.

Then I ordered a car seat for William. He is within one pound of having to be forward-facing. I've kept him rear-facing for as long as I could, since it is undeniably the safest position for kids. But it's time to turn him around. Which I could do in his current seat, but the real problem is that M is outgrowing his baby seat. He's within the weight limit, but he's pretty tall for a baby. So I will keep M facing backwards in W's old seat, and move W to the new seat (which is good to 85 pounds, so I expect to keep it a while). And I'll give away the baby seats. I will try the new seat first in the Lexus, then decide what I want to do in the Jeep.

Uh, make that 120 pounds and

Uh, make that 120 pounds and 65 inches. You need a car seat when you're 5' 5"??? Not sure where I got the 85 pounds (mentioned in post above), maybe that's the max for using the 5-point harness instead of the seatbelt.

Wait, I just looked at the stats on another page, and it's back to 85 pounds. Good grief. I checked the VA law, and there is no height/age limit, it's just until the child is 8 years old. Hopefully this seat will get us there.

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