Can't Wait Until Christmas

I think the biggest problem I have with making a "Christmas List" is that if there is anything I really want or need, I generally don't want to wait for an arbitrary day in the future to get it. For example, I was going to put some special jogging headphones on the list but when I went to the site to get the model number, they were having a cybersale for the first 100 purchasers. So I ordered them for myself to get half off. It's bad economics to spend an extra $30 by proxy to wait to receive them as a gift, not to mention that now I'll get to use them an entire month sooner than otherwise.

Waiting for things you want is fine if necessary, sometimes it is necessary to save up for things, but when it is not necessary, I think it's pointless. Children, having no income of their own, are at the mercy of gift-givers, but isn't the grand thing about being an adult that you have control over your own life?

With this realization, I think I will not even bother adding anything else to my wish list for myself. Since I'm in the fortunate position of being able to get whatever I need for myself and my family, any little token gifts for Christmas will be fine, since it's the thought that counts.

If William asks for anything else in particular, I'll note it. He is a child and at the mercy of the season.