Dreaming of the Press Conference

I like to play the lottery just for the excuse to indulge my fantasies about how I'd spend the money. I forgot to get my ticket when I was running errands without the kids yesterday, but when 5 pm rolled around and the sitter left and I hadn't even started dinner, I realized I could still get a ticket without throwing the kids off schedule. We had dinner at the DQ, which is also where you get lottery tix out here.

This morning, I kid you not, I awoke in the middle of a dream about the press conference they have with the winners. I was saying how I would spend the money on farm maintenance that we let go too long, and now the jobs are too big for us to take care of ourselves. Plus I'd get my sleeping porch, reorient the house to make the front the part seen from the driveway approach, put on the back deck, build an equipment barn, a storage shed, and maybe a greenhouse. I probably have several hundred thousand dollars worth of improvements I'd like if I could wave a magic wand and get it done. And if I won the lottery, I'd totally do it all. But as it is, I have a few immediate priorities which T has theoretically approved, so I'm focused on them. But he's also on board with many of the larger projects, but we just can't afford them. However, life is long, and our income is erratic. So we might get to them in the future. Plus, he sometimes gets motivated to do projects himself, which really saves a tremendous amount of money over hiring it out.

But hiring it out gets it done much faster. So if I won the lottery, I think I'd start spending on capital improvements, and worry less about hiring personal help (driver, handmaid) which was always my priority before. Although with a jackpot as big as last night's, you wouldn't have to choose one or the other.