I Didn't Recognize The Seat

I didn't really anticipate spending ALL MORNING installing car seats in our sedan, but when I took he old ones out there was a problem. It didn't look like the spacious all-leather back seat of a luxury car anymore. It looked a bench seat in a second-class Mexican bus. You know the kind where they keep the chickens? Actually, those busses aren't really much worse than the schoolbusses I grew up with, but still. The seat was kind of mushed up and misshapen where the seat bases attached, there was a layer of road dust over everything, and probably a half-quart of desiccated snack foods. Goldfish crackers lose their cheerful hue over time. If you can imagine a shade of taupe that would cause alarm and disgust, that is the color.

So before installing the new seating configuration, I cleaned. And am happy to report that there was almost nothing that a vacuum, many leather cleaning wipes, and a lot of elbow grease couldn't take care of. I say almost, because some crayons melted behind one of the headrests. I didn't have the proper tools for that. I will wait until later this winter and leave the car outside overnight to get the wax to freeze, then I'll chip it off with a plastic scraper. But I just lowered the headrest so I won't have to look at that mess until then.