Definitely Renovating the House

I made up my mind just before Thanksgiving, that 2013 is the year to renovate the house, and I'm starting early. We got the door installed where I've always anted one into the garden, and since I have to paint for that, I'm just taking that momentum and running with it.

I just ordered a built-in china cabinet for the back wall of my dining room, and a buffet to match. I decided to go with natural oak so it will coordinate with the floors but not clash. I still need to pick hardware, which means I must consider the other accents in the room, whether to change them or not. I've never been a fan of the chandelier that came with the house, so I think I'll get something new. I've already chosen my new paint color. It's extremely similar to the existing color, which I like but just feel it's a little 'flat'. The new color will be ever so slightly brighter, but still dark red. It's what Benjamin Moore is calling "Deep Rose" if you are curious.

The guy from the cabinet shop suggested I get moving on the painting since he's got guys available who will start building my furniture immediately. Alright! Momentum! Since I've got to pack up my china from the existing china cabinet in order to move it to paint, I will go ahead and sell that and the existing buffet to make room for the new. And I'll get a new dining table and chairs, too, I think. And I'll put some window treatments up in that room after all these years. We eat three meals a day in the dining room, so it makes sense to spend what we need to to fix it up. It's also where we do all the kids crafts and preschool.

I had a setback in choosing exterior paint colors for the house, since T nixed my first choice for the shutters. He's usually not that particular, but he just happened to HATE the shade of green I liked. Green can be tricky. He said he wouldn't veto it if I had my heart set on it, but he'd just hate it every time he saw it. Good grief, I certainly didn't feel so strongly about the color to put him through that! So back to the drawing board. I was able to pretty much determine that the paint color equivalent of our siding is BM "November Rain" so that is a useful chip to have so I can play around with color combinations indoors.