Changed My Mind Already

I'm rethinking my decision to repaint the dining room red. I was looking at a lot of online idea articles for dining rooms, in order to get some idea of what type of table I might like, when I saw some other color combinations that I fancied. Now I'm thinking maybe doing the walls in a lighter color, and just using red in the accents, like maybe in the draperies or upholstery. Right now I'm considering the same color green we have in the hallway. I think it might make the downstairs look large, continuing the color into the dining room. And I'm sure it will look good with the wood. I'll run it by T in the morning.

It's the same color we had in the living room in our NYC apartment, so I've liked it for a long time. I tried other colors in the hallway down here, but wound up overpainting them and reverting to the tried-and-true color. I like the idea of green in the dining room-- now since it leads directly to the garden, it's more relevant to the room than it used to be.