Terry's Retirement

Oh yeah, I haven't posted about Terry's impending retirement here yet since it won't be officially "announced" at his company until tomorrow. But the word is out. Terry gave notice back in March, and has only been sticking around so long to help finish a major project. Then he retires. He's spinning it as starting a new career as a songwriter and music producer (I made a web page for him).

To be fair, it's not exactly "spin" since we are building a small recording and production studio (room) above the garage, and I do believe he will spend his days working on songwriting and producing. I just think calling it a "career" at this point is a stretch. I don't say I've started my career as a trader, I just say I'm a trader. I'm learning to be a trader. Sure, there is a certain argument that can be made that I am even a professional trader (people do follow my portfolio and journals on Cake). But career? It seems too soon. Terry will be a musician and songwriter. When he starts his "career" in that field remains to be seen.

I personally hope that he'll get tired of disciplined work and revert to a more traditional "retirement" where we goof off all day, play golf, work in the garden, go tubing. We won't be able to afford quite as luxurious vacations once there's no paycheck coming in each month, but we should be able to afford all the small local entertainments we want. We can go tubing TEN times for the cost of one night in a 4-star hotel. Golf can add up, but I'm going to look into a membership at Old Trail. It's real close, I could probably get Terry to play with me at least once a week, if not more. But he'll need a little convincing, I'll have to consider how to present the idea to him. . .