Roadie or Musician?

This is what I get for ignoring my children for over an hour while I looked through digital renderings of alternate paint colors for my house.

While I was preoccupied, William disassembled his entire drum kit. I think Max helped him; M wasn't bothering me much or crying, so I presume they were playing nicely together, I have no idea for sure. Will also went all the way to T's studio, emptied out everything that was in the way of getting all the luggage out. Moved everything in the laundry room that was in the way of getting the luggage out; while he just threw the stuff from the studio closets on the floor, he neatly stacked the laundry baskets (full of clothes) atop each other.

Once he had the luggage moved to the other side of the house, he started packing up his equipment. He painstakingly found luggage that was most appropriate for each piece of his drum kit, and packed it, strapping it in when straps were available. When I emerged from my room with my narrowed selection of paint chips, I was shocked at how thoroughly he'd packed up the drums. Drums, symbols, throne, all of it.

He told me he needed to pack up his drums so he could take them to band practice. He is in a "boy band" and they have a show on Saturday night. Coincidentally the same night T has his next show. But W says his band if full of other boys, and "girls are in the audience".

He knew how to pack up a drum kit because he's seen Ian (the Liz Fitz Darcy drummer) pack and unpack HIS drum kits time and time again when rehearsals were here over the summer. I suspect where W's skills will fall short will be when it's time to put the drums back together. I'm not sure that I could do it since T was the one who assembled them the first time. So I had W just push all the luggage against the wall so I could walk around the upstairs. I will confer with T about what to do about this.

W just loves imitating the band members. He hasn't shown any prodigal talent in actually *using* any instruments, but he pretends pretty convincingly. And he loves to sing. At the top of his lungs. His lyrics are pretty heavily laced with, "yeah yeah yeahs." And driving on the highway. He's picked up that lots of rock and roll songs mention highways. He throws in mentions of tractors quite a bit, I think that's just a personal preference of his, he doesn't hear much country music. I'll have to videotape one of his performances, the problem is that he gets self-conscious if he sees me filming, and he stops what he is doing.