Two Quarts Chosen

I spent several hours this morning using the Benjamin Moore color chooser app, trying to narrow down my choices for the exterior. It was actually more useful for eliminating things I saw that I do NOT want, more than selecting the exact shade that I DO want. I determined that I do NOT want a golden colored door, that shades of brown look too much like the dirt that accumulates on the side of all our cars for me to want the color ON PURPOSE, and that while shades of red for the door would look ok, the door was red when we bought the house and I got so sick of it that I painted over it earlier this year (and am not thrilled with the current color, either). And T has ruled out most shades of green that would coordinate with the roof and siding, so that leaves blue. So I got a few ideas of what I liked or didn't within the category of "blue", but wound up choosing the exact colors by taking paint chips outside and holding them up until I saw something I was willing to try.

I painted the front door and both garden doors Wedgewood Gray. I only got one coat of paint applied and dry before dark, so I won't post photos until they are done. One coat is definitely NOT enough, in this instance. I'll have a better idea if I like the color after I've come home to it for a few weeks.

I chose this color for the shutters. Although I held off on painting any shutters today 1) because I ran out of time, but also 2) it would be really convenient if just having new paint on the doors made me magically happy with the current color of the shutters. But I washed one of the shutters this afternoon, and I suspect nothing is going to make me be happy with them. They are colored vinyl which is theoretically no maintenance, but the shutters are faded and dull now after nearly 14 years. So I'll probably paint a few of them tomorrow.