So Far, So Good with the Colors

I got a second coat of paint on three exterior doors this afternoon, and a first coat on two shutters. I also put primer on the trim around the front door, there were enough spots down to bare wood or putty that I decided it would be prudent to just prime it all. So many nails had come up, I spent a while with the nail punch and filler yesterday to get them back into the trim. Although the wood didn't appear dented around them, perhaps they were never properly seated to begin with, and I just never noticed because I never painted the trim before? Regardless, it will be ready to accept the white trim paint starting tomorrow.

I finished washing the siding on the side of the porch with the front door and two painted shutters. To save time tomorrow, I will probably just wash the spots immediately around and above the next shutters to be painted, and worry about the rest of the wall later. I will definitely try to clean the wood frame that holds the roof up. Unlike the siding, it seems to have a fair bit of mildew, and I'm not sure it will come off with just detergent. If I need to use bleach in the wash I'll have to find some gloves, be prepared to rinse, and do it only when I have a sitter or when T takes the kids to the park on Saturdays. I've been quite successful cleaning the siding with nothing but soapy water and elbow grease.

The colors do not look exactly like I imagined them, but so far I like them anyway. I'm not sure if the shutters will turn out too light, but I'll wait until I see them tomorrow since paint always looks lighter when it's wet.