Half-Off Schedule

I totally dropped my regular schedule yesterday when I saw the weather would be warm all week. I prioritized exterior painting since there would be plenty of time this winter for interior work. But I also realized the boys don't really have enough clothes I can totally skip a week of laundry (T and I would be fine, when we were working I think we could go at least three weeks, possibly four before things got critical, but we did have full wardrobes in two homes then).

So I've been trying to do two loads of laundry per night once the kids are asleep. If I have the energy to stay up to finish three loads tonight, I could be done with it, but I'm not sure I'll be able to, I'm pretty tired, so I might just finish up tomorrow night.

I did choose to stick to our usual Sam's Club trip today, despite T's suggestion that I just push it off until the weather turns so I could paint more. He said this before I had finished my morning coffee, but I was unable to articulate why I could not do that, I just snarled that he should get off my case and let me keep my own schedule as I see fit. Now I know what only my subconscious knew this morning: that I am not strong enough to veer off my schedule for full days.

At least when I'm veering off to do manual labor. I could totally veer off full days if I were knitting all day. But while I am pretty darn sore now after cleaning and painting from 1-5 pm, I would be immobile if I had started in the morning. As it is, I should be recovered enough by tomorrow afternoon to continue my cleaning and painting, although since I have an appointment at 12:30pm my time will be truncated by the time I get home and change. So I might do some of the prep work in the morning.

There are so many projects indoors that I want to get started on, but I am just averting my eyes while this weather holds. I cannot expend energy on indoor things and still climb up and down the ladder all afternoon cleaning and painting. And of course yelling at the kids to "DON'T TOUCH THE DOOR" and then "DON'T TOUCH THE SHUTTERS" every few minutes. Max completely yanked off the doorbell which I had loosened so I could paint the trim beneath it. I'm not sure if it will work again or if it will need to be rewired. Grrr.