Lovely Afternoon on the Roof

I decided that the best use of my sitter time would be to spend it on the front porch roof this afternoon. Painting the second-floor shutters is definitely not something I could do while watching the boys. I was able to wash and get one coat of paint on the six front-facing shutters up there. I did not attempt the pair of shutters that were in shadow on the side of the house. I also got a second coat of paint on the shutter nearest the door downstairs.

As for the doors, for the most part, two coats of paint is enough. Except in the spots where it isn't. That's totally my fault, I am out of practice with the paint. It takes a certain amount of practice to know exactly how much paint to spread over the surface. The first coat should always be thin, but the second coat should have full coverage. I'm pretty sure I would have done a better job if I hadn't been simultaneously minding my sons. I'm not sure if I'll bother to touch up the sub-perfect panels during this warm spell, or wait until spring. Probably spring, or I'll get used to it and stop noticing the imperfections, and won't bother at all. Since I don't think the doors look bad, they just have a few minor imperfections. I'm not even sure T would notice-- I'll not mention it to him and see if he says anything (as if. I'd be SHOCKED if he noticed anything except maybe where M wound up getting half a handprint of trim color in the middle lower panel of he door. THAT I might fix right away...).

But being up on the roof in December was a bit of a revelation. Usually if I'm up there to clean on warm days in the spring, it winds up being uncomfortably hot before long. I remember my feet would get hot through my shoes from standing on the shingles. But none of that today. It was sunny and warm, but it was a COLD sun, if that makes sense. It was not heating the surfaces like it does in the warmer seasons. It was just enough to keep me pleasantly warm in a tank top and overalls. Well, until around 4pm, when it quite suddenly got nippy. But that was just incentive for me to focus and finish up the last shutter so I could come in and put on a sweatshirt.

While there is nothing about the new color scheme I actively dislike, I'm not convinced I'll stick with it. From the front porch, there is suitable contrast between the shutters and the door. But from a distance, they look quite similar. I'm just not sure how I feel about that yet. Maybe that is ok. If I wanted to increase the contrast I could either paint the door much darker to make it darker than the shutters instead of lighter, or paint the shutters somewhat darker just to increase the contrast. I suspect these decisions, if I decide it's necessary at all, which I might not, will all be pushed off until spring.