Furniture Listed

I finally got around to listing the existing china cabinet and buffet for sale on our local Craigslist. I don't have high hopes for getting any takers, but T seems to think it is the way to go. I was just going to call Circa to see if they'd want them, and I'd probably get a bunch of other stuff ready for them if they came out here, too. Don't get me started about the furniture taking up space in the garage... If the magic of the internet finds no buyers, then dealers it will be. If not dealers, then we'll donate. Whatever it takes, I've gotta clear out some excess furniture.

I painted the remainder of the shutters around the front porch this afternoon. Now the pair by the front door have two coats of paint, and the ones facing front have one coat. I have one set of shutters totally unpainted up on the porch roof (on the side perpendicular to the front door), and the shutters around the garage windows (facing the garden) are also unpainted. If this weather holds up I will probably keep plugging away, but I am mindful that I still might not get the job done until spring. I'm not sure whether I will prioritize getting the 2nd coat of paint on the shutters nearest the porch, or getting the first coat on the ones that are still gray. Right now I'm leaning toward 2nd coat on the ones that we see close up on a daily basis while we're sitting on the porch.

Tomorrow is an at-home day, and I really need to start clearing out room for the new furniture. So I've got to pack up everything stored in the old furniture (I got boxes for the china last week), move the empty old furniture away from the walls, and paint both the trim and walls in the new color. I have the paint, so as soon as the walls are accessible and clean I can start. I'll paint the trim first-- there is a stupid amount of trim in the dining room, so it's going to be a big job painting it all. I left it with the factory-finish when I moved in, and only painted the walls red. But I painted all the trim upstairs when I was doing those rooms in 2008/2009, and it looks SO MUCH BETTER with a proper semi-gloss, I am definitely going to upgrade the downstairs while I'm redecorating.

I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the panels white or paint them the same as the walls this time. I had great plans to stencil a floral pattern on them when I moved in, but that never quite worked out. I've abandoned that idea, so I'll probably paint them to match the wall. Although there is a chance now I'll go ahead and paint the wall a different color below the chair rail. Decisions, decisions. Eh, if I don't already have the paint chosen by now I doubt I'll bother. Castleton Mist, here we come.