O Tannenbaum

W was so excited to get a Christmas tree this morning! He sprang up out of bed and ran to the window, and looked out and asked, "Mama, where is the snow? We need to get our Christmas tree today!" I'm not sure where he got the idea that you need snow to get a tree-- I think in most of his books if there is a story about that, there is snow all around. Obviously written by authors who live further north than Virginia.

I assured him that today is the day, lack of snow would not deter us. Although W ran in and woke up T with a rousing cry of, "Wake up! Wake up, Daddy! You need to cut down a Christmas tree!" Daddy managed to convince him it was too cold and they'd do it later (although W countered with, "just put on a jacket, Daddy, then you won't be cold!"). We set out when I got back from a morning jog.

Will ran ahead with me to find a suitable tree. T is the one who has to cut it and carry it back to the house, so he stopped me every 15 feet asking, "what about that one?" All the ones he chose were either borderline or totally unsuitable, but I can see why he would place a premium on growing near the house. The one I found was only halfway up the driveway.

What a ragtag group we can be when we don't actually have to go out in public to get our tree.

T questioned my choice initially, citing a too-small size as his concern. I told him he was being affected by the scale of its surroundings, and asked him to stand next to it. It was clearly at least two feet taller than T, and so just the right size to fit in our home. It spent the day outside in a bucket, and we'll move it into the garage overnight, then indoors tomorrow, when we'll decorate it. Boy o boy, is W eager to put some ornaments on it.