Uh, the Answer is NO

The question was posed this morning before 9am, when the guy from the cabinet shop called to say he really wanted to install my china cabinet first thing tomorrow morning, and would that be ok. I'm glad I screened the call on the machine first and then called him back after thinking about it for a few minutes. I actually considered what I'd have to do to be ready for that, and I'm glad I pushed back and told him I needed more than 24 hours notice. I told him I had figured I would get a call when they were nearing completion of the project to schedule for the next week. He said, "yeah, I probably should have called you when they finished building your furniture last week, but I didn't think they'd have time to install them so soon.". Uh, yeah, you probably should have let me know as soon as there was a possibility of them coming out here. I could have easily gotten the room ready last week instead of painting the shutters, but I figured if I hadn't heard anything from them by then, then nothing would happen before Christmas so I might as well take advantage of the weather to work outside.

Regardless, I told him the soonest they could come out would be next Thursday or Friday. So I will get ready for Christmas AND get ret the room ready for its new furniture simultaneously. The paint is in the house, it's just a matter of getting it up on the wall. Painting is far less a big deal for me than for others. I tend to do it neatly, so I just do one wall at a time, and need only about 3' of clearance away from the wall, so the furniture can stay in the room (although it won't in this case, since I need it out of there to make room for the new furniture anyway). I'll most likely need two coats since I'm painting a light color over a dark, but Aura is pretty awesome for being able to dry fast so I can do both coats in a day if my attention holds up. And I only NEED to paint two walls, so I don't even need to finish the room. Easy peasy. But NOT before I finish my Christmas cards and shopping.