Santa vs. Undergarments

Sigh, I decided that Santa would win. Last week, after finally finding a pair of jeans that doesn't fall down by the end of the day (I think the garment industry has taken their love of stretch fabrics a little too far), I was looking forward to using this week's babysitter time to shop for pretty new underthings. I haven't gotten anything but nursing bras since 2009, and now that I'm reaching way back in my drawer for ones that fit while I was pregnant with W, I'm finding that they are too stretched out and worn to be comfortable.

But earlier in the week I realized that if Santa was going to bring any presents for my kids, he would need my help, and on a day that they were not with me. Sigh. I guess I had just figured, "my boys are good, I'm sure Santa will take care of them," without really thinking that through. So unless I decide to visit Victoria's Secret with two young boys in tow, my husband might have to put up with me in ratty old things for a few weeks more.

Although now that I'm thinking about it, I might attempt it just for the comic relief. Whenever W sees a scantily-clad woman, he always makes some exclamation about her belly-button. When we were shopping earlier in the month he asked me why I don't wear jogging outfits like "those ladies". I asked for more clarification, since we were not anywhere near jogging ladies, and he said the ladies in the pictures on the jogging bras. They were "showing their belly buttons and not wearing shirts". Indeed. I introduced him to the word "propriety" as I explained why my jogging outfits have fuller coverage.

I know there would be a running commentary and many, many, "why?"s if I did choose to run this errand in the company of boys. I will just have to determine if I have enough self-esteem to deflect all the questions about why I don't look like the mannequins do when I am wearing he same thing. On the other hand, W can be full of positive affirmations. I have about a 50/50 chance that anything I suggest, (for example, "should we have sushi for lunch?") will be met with an enthusiastic, "I think that will be an EXCELLENT idea!".