Painting, Painting

I was able to paint from 11am til 4pm yesterday, and again from 8-10:30am this morning. Then I continued to paint from around 2:30pm this afternoon until 10:30pm, although with short breaks to cook dinner, eat, and nurse Max to sleep.

I finished the two walls that I needed to finish, plus I started on the next wall, too. I still need to paint a little bit of the side wall that will be inaccessible once the cabinet is installed. I have the trim and first coat of paint on it already, so it will be easy to finish on time. I finished the main parts of the necessary walls earlier in the day, so they were dry by tonight and I was able to re-hang the mirror and sconces and put back all of the outlet covers.

Although the required painting is pretty much done, it is not as if the room is ready for the furniture installation. There is hardly room to turn around in there! We did move the china cabinet to the parlor, but the buffet is still in the room as well as the dining table. T did move several chairs out to the kitchen, where we ate dinner on a card table. I don't expect to do anything in that room tomorrow or Christmas Day, but I will focus on emptying it on Wednesday. Then the cabinet guys could come out on Thursday if they wanted, although I suspect it will be later than that.