Catching Up

I have been off my weekly routine for a few weeks now, first preparing for Christmas, then preparing the dining room for its new furniture. I am still off my routine, but am catching up with my weekly chores as I can. Since we were out of town on laundry day this week, the kids have been wearing pajamas around the house while I do a few loads each day between other tasks and errands. I might finish the laundry today, and if not today, then tomorrow. I have three loads to wash and *everything* to put away. Since it was 1.5 weeks worth of dirty clothes to wash, the clean clothes are piled up way above the tops of the baskets, so putting them away is imperative, more so than in a regular week when the clothes fit easily in the baskets and no harm is done by rummaging through the baskets to find a particular garment. Try that now, and an avalanche of clothes hits the floor.

I was prepared for the cabinets to be delivered today, but the shop said that Monday will be the day. That actually gives me enough time to finish painting the entire room before they arrive. Last night I cleaned the room, including scrubbing the last red wall and all its trim. It was the wall adjacent to the children's table, so there was a significant amount of scrubbing to do. That actually gave me an idea-- I might create a new category of "tips" for redecorating with children. There are things that I know now that I did not know as a new mother. I'm still a new mother in the scheme of things of course, but after more than three years I have learned at least a little about living with infants and toddlers. I'm sure teenagers will come with their own sets of decorating challenges, but right now I'm focused on the immediate future preparing the home to function comfortably with two little boys and me at home most of the day.