Waiting For The Paint To Dry

Ordinarily I would have just painted what I did, then moved on to other projects or whatever, and would add the next coat of paint another day. But today is unusual for two reasons: first, it is a Saturday and T has the kids all day, and second, I am so close to finishing painting the room I'm impatient to be done with it.

If I was just painting a normal room, I'd have been done long ago. But with three windows, an interior door, a doorway with transom, an exterior door, ceiling molding, floor molding, chair rail, and wainscot molding, it has been a real project. I have just the last wall to go, plus a few areas around certain windows. As of last night, everything save about eight square feet had at least one coat of paint on it. So I put the first coat on that area early this afternoon before I put the second coat on much of the rest of the wall. So now I'm just waiting so I can get the second coat on the final areas, and be done! Actually, I might have to touch up the trim in a few places, but that shouldn't take long at all tomorrow. Just a few spots here and there that I noticed either could use a second coat, or it looks a little sloppy where the colors meet.

The new furniture arrives Monday. Did I mention that in a previous post? I'm terribly excited. I have been running through decorating options for the room in my mind, but I won't really get a good idea about which direction I want to go until I see the room with the natural oak cabinetry. I'm considering either a rustic European look (especially since the room leads out into an herb garden), or regular traditional. I chose oiled bronze hardware for the cabinets, but now that I've switched the color of the walls, the brass fixtures are looking pretty good. But if I do the "rustic" thing I'll be replacing the chandelier and sconces, so bronze will be fine for that.