Not As Planned, But I'll Take It

So my plan for the day involved putting away the Christmas decorations. Didn't happen. What DID happen was that I emptied, cleaned, and organized two kitchen drawers.

Sometimes I really wish specific plans worked better for me. But I must remember that my conscious mind is generally bad at priority-setting and logical thinking, and therefore planning. Since it was my subconscious directing the drawer cleaning, I will just have to trust that this fits in my with true goals. Really, I found myself emptying the drawers and cleaning the inserts before I realized what I was doing, it's like I was on autopilot. Except it was for a task I've not done before, so how would that go on autopilot unless my body was being directed by my subconscious? I know, it's sad that I've had these inserts in the drawers for YEARS and have never cleaned them, it was so totally necessarily. Maybe my subconscious knows just the level of accumulated crumbs that it takes to harbor some terrible bacteria, and motivated me to fix the situation just prior to reaching that level.

It really baffles me how I can set out to do one thing, and wind up doing something totally off the radar. Nevertheless, I'm pleased with my newly organized drawers. I moved things around until they fit in their allotted slots, then labeled each section so T will be able to put things away properly (in theory, anyway; I'll go over the locations with him and let him know I have this expectation of him so hopefully that will increase compliance).