Babylegs On The Way

I've got to get serious about potty-training M. I thought I could wait a few months after his birth to start the EC training, but I was wrong, he never picked up on it. I'm kicking myself now for not training him from birth like I did for W.

Since I need to start M's training in the winter, I can't have him running around pantless and bare legged, so I ordered a bunch of Babylegs. I thought I'd have to get them used on eBay or something since I am NOT interested in paying $12/pair. But right on their website today they had a bunch of styles for $3/pair. Now I think that's perfectly reasonable for new legwarmers, so I got six pair. So when they arrive I can start the potty-training in earnest. I'll probably want to get myself motivated and sew him some absorbant underpants to minimize the floor cleanup that will be required at first.

In retrospect, the whole EC training from birth was so worthwhile, since I rarely had to change poopy diapers, ever. With M I've been changing them over a year and a half, and I've had enough. He's gonna get trained soon or have to learn to clean himself. I've already tried to get W excited about changing diapers but he wisely says, "it's too stinky!" and runs away. I knew that was a long shot.