Firing On All Cylinders

Once my sitter arrived after lunch, I found myself puttering around and continuing to procrastinate putting away those Christmas decorations.

I stopped to think about what exactly was my problem. I came up with several ideas, although I think the biggest issue is that I didn't want to have to deal with putting things away in the garage. I told myself I would just put on my boots and a jacket, and get it done. I could reward myself with a more relaxing activity only AFTER those decorations were put away.

I also decided to time the task, so I would know if my fears about how long it would take matched the reality. The first thing I did was to untangle the heap of Christmas lights and wrap them around a rectangle of cardboard. That took 15 minutes. Fifteen long, infuriating minutes. I will inform T that if he wants to take the lights off the tree next year, they will have to go off DIRECTLY onto a board neatly, not in a tangled heap.

After dealing with the lights, the rest was not so bad. I switched from myriad plastic shoeboxes to cardboard bankers' boxes, so there were only six boxes to store at the end of the day. And even better, all the boxes were uniformly sized, so they stacked. I found a place for them on the top shelf in the garage. I had to put a cat carrier somewhat precariously atop a stored hammock to create room, but that is temporary since there is a spot to move the cat carrier that I think T can reach better than I can, so I'll ask him to move it tonight.

I was able to sort all the decorations-- I had considered putting them away as-is, but the little shoeboxes were so hopelessly jumbled by the boys and T that I just couldn't do it. The whole process took about 1.5 hours. About what I expected (although the lights definitely took longer than anticipated).

While all those boxes were getting cleared out of my dining room, I also washed and dried a load of dishcloths and washcloths from downstairs, and created another box specifically for gift wrapping and shipping supplies, which I will keep upstairs. I still have to tackle the craft closet where I keep most of those supplies-- the boys got in there one morning and I can't even open the door to the closet properly for the chaos. But that will be another day.

Once the decorations were stowed in the garage I had time to either go for a jog or do a neurofeedback session, and given the temperature this afternoon I took the easy way out and did neurofeedback on a warm, comfy couch.

I am curious to find out if this partial clearing of the dining room does anything to renew my enthusiasm for finishing the decorating of it. I really want to get the draperies constructed and up. I think the thing holding me back is that I couldn't find any rings with grommets instead of clips, so I can't just sew the curtains to the rings. But I don't want the clips to show, so I have to devise a way around that. I have a prototype that seems to work, but I've only tested it on loose clips, not hanging. I must use a larger piece of muslin or something for a larger prototype that I will be able to hang. It is a big nuisance. I wish I could have just found 1" oiled brass rings with grommets, but it is not to be, even online (at least, at a reasonable price).