Gingerbread Fun

Since my twelve days of Christmas don't even start until 12/25, I have no problem waiting until decor and things go on sale before getting them. I don't even typically put any decorations up until the third Sunday of Advent.

I'd been keeping my eye out for gingerbread kits, but didn't find any with much of a discount during the "official" Christmas season. But I am glad I checked the few clearance items at the Sam's Club yesterday, since I scored this huge kit for less than $2.

I built the house & train yesterday, but I made the decision that we weren't going to decorate them until the playroom was cleaned, and the boys dragged their feet with that, so there was no decorating yesterday.

Today, however, M took an early nap (since he'd been up since 5:20am) and I seized the opportunity for W to decorate in peace. And decorate he did! I made the executive decision to be in charge of all the icing, since it wasn't super easy to work with right out of a bag with a corner cut off. If I wanted a fancier result I totally would transfer the icing to one of my proper decorating bags with tips. But this was for W, not me.

So I made suggestions about what to put where, or else he just looked at the photo on the box, and went to it. He did great, and we both had fun.