New Laptop, Take 2

Best Buy is having a sale on laptops, so I went in yesterday to get a new one. My old one's peripherals are almost all dead (the CD drive doesn't work, nor the headphone jack, nor the card reader) so all I can use are the USB ports. The battery hasn't held a charge for nearly a year now, but plugging it in all the time is not that bad. Nevertheless, the CD and card reader and headphone problems are starting to really bug me, so it's time for a new laptop.

What caught my eye was a new one for $299. T looked at the specs and said it looked fine to him, so I got it. But when I got it home, I didn't like the way it's trackpad worked at all. It seemed to skip and jump and lag, and was maddening to use for the few hours I was starting to set up the machine. So I returned it today, and this time T came with me to the store. While I was taking care of the return process, he examined all the laptops they had to find just the right one for me. He narrowed it down to two, so I just had to choose the one I liked best, so I'm going to give an Asus a try (the one I rejected was a Samsung).

Unfortunately, they didn't have any in stock. And no sales guy seemed to have time to help me buy one, so I just went online myself from one of the display models and ordered it to be delivered to my home so I don't have to make another trip out there.

T considered getting me a MacBook, but when he checked prices this morning, even the refurbished ones were wildly expensive, and with a smaller screen than what I'm used to. I told him to just let it go with the Apple products, it's not like I'm sitting I front of my laptop for eight hours a day or having to do any heavy-duty processing when I do use it. I mostly use it for taxes, printing, and organizing and storing photos. Oh, and I sync my fitbit to it.

Actually, I use it for neurofeedback, too, which is why the broken headphone jack is a problem, since I'd like to hook up speakers and have been unable to do so. And I've taken an interest in digitizing my music since I got an mp3 player to use while jogging. Which is the main reason I'm irritated by the broken cd player, since I can't rip my CDs to memory and get new songs.

Hopefully my second attempt to get a new laptop will work out. It should arrive by the end of next week, giving me something to look forward to!