High Intensity Exercise

It's time for me to get back to some high-intensity exercises. I thought that I could do a modified tabata set, instead of 40 seconds at a high intensity with a 20 second recovery, I thought I'd do the reverse with 20 seconds of high intensity with 40 seconds of recovery.

I did four reps of fast jump roping like that (finishing 129 jumps since I got tangled in the rope my first set) before I had to quit since I felt like vomiting.

T witnessed this and said I was doing too much too fast, but that is the point of the tabata thing. I said I'd heed his advice and call it a day for exercise after that brutal four minutes, but he encouraged me to do a little more, just less strenuous. So I did another five minutes of tabatas at the 20 sec/40 sec intervals but running instead of jumping. I at least made it through that set although my later sprints were not as quick as the first sets.

I just looked up tabata times online, and see that I misremembered. I thought it was eight sets of 40 seconds intensity and 20 seconds rest, making an eight-minute workout. Not so. It is supposed to be 20 seconds of intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight sets, for a total time of four minutes.

Regardless, I don't think I could hack that AT ALL since I couldn't keep up the 20 seconds with a 40 second recovery, so forget about trying a mere 10 second recovery. But I do feel like I'm in a bit of an exercise rut, and with this weather I don't feel like being outside jogging for an hour, so it's a good time for me to mix things up.

I think I will set my watch timer for an easier interval. I will try 10 seconds of intensity with 50 seconds of recovery and see how many reps I can do like that. Once I can do eight to ten reps like that, I will try to vary the times. Maybe change it two seconds in either direction, so the next level will be 12 seconds/48 seconds and so on until I can accomplish the 20/40 split. From there, I suppose I will keep it at the 20 seconds but slowly try to get my recovery time down to the optimal 10 seconds.

Feel free to encourage me to stick with this. Remind me that it only takes eight minutes so I should be able to fit it in even on days that I am busy. And it's only recommended to do this 2-3 times per week (more than that is actually contra-indicated) so I will aim for that. I will still try to add some jogging or walking on other days, but on cold miserable weeks, at least I'll get something done if I add in the fast jumping.