Will's Bass Solo (Video)

I am familiar with the concept of "outsider art", where curators find art made by people in isolation from the organized art world. Sometimes it's made by crazy people, other times by just normal creative types without formal training. Often the techniques are utterly bizarre since found objects and materials might be used in lieu of the "proper" materials you'd learn about in art school (or even a local art class).

Will's dancing and instrument playing reminds me of outsider art, but in three dimensions. His techniques seem bizarre to me, but ultimately they are creative and expressive, which is the point of all art, so I appreciate it quite a bit.

And with the bass solo here, I find it interesting because it's not as if Will is not routinely exposed to people playing bass the usual way. He's seen the "proper" way to play many, many times. Yet he has developed his own technique despite being exposed to conventional technique. This might be because he intuitively knows that his little hands are not even physically large enough to manage our adult-sized bass properly. I don't think I've ever told him that he's too small, but I don't know if T has told him this or not. Regardless, he's got his own way to play bass, and we're glad he's showing an interest in playing an instrument at all.