Getting It Perfect vs. Getting It Done

I finally started on the sheer draperies for the dining room. I got one panel done. I started out with the plan to add a little flap and some pleats to the upper hem in order to hide the clips. But before I sewed it all in, I decided to take the panel downstairs for a test run to see what it looked like with the clips showing. I had already been at work on the project for some time by this point, it was no easy feat to get 114" fabric spread out and cut to the proper length of 99", even folded in half. Especially since the fabric was thin and slippery. Then I pressed in the hem before sewing. All the while, I had been telling myself, "the effort is worth it for custom draperies, you need not compromise on design when you make them to fit".

That is true, but when I saw them hanging in place, clips showing, I decided right then that there was "getting it perfect" and there was "getting it done". I chose getting it done. I did NOT put the extra work into hiding the clips. Instead, I will either use ribbons or create ribbons from fabric and tie little bows atop the clips, thus hiding them and adding a little more color to the draperies. I also decided to forget about making them exactly 2.5x the width of the window and am just using the selvedges on the edges instead of hemming the edges. I think what pushed me over the edge was seeing exactly how sheer this fabric is when in front of a window. The more tailored look I had originally envisioned wouldn't really look right anyway. I had planned this thinking of using a course-weave linen sort of thing, but deferred to T's preference for a true sheer.

I have not yet gotten his reaction, he's watching the kids today (otherwise this project would be impossible, let alone imperfect).

I've got to get ready to go to a party tonight, so this is probably the last sheer for a while. If I feel up to it I might try another panel on Wednesday when my weekly sitter arrives. If not, then next weekend. Knowing what I know now about working with this material, I should be able to get both remaining panels done next Saturday if I wait that long.

Oh, you can also see the color swatches I'm considering for the wainscoting. I have them stuck under the window that's to the left of the garden door. I might wind up choosing another color entirely, but I'm mulling it all over in my head. I think the room could use a darker color and until the kids can keep the food off the floor a little better, the extra color is not going to come from a rug.