Organized Drawers After One Week

I got a facebook request for the "before" photos to go with my "after" photos. So here they are:

I didn't post these photos immediately after organization, which was over a week ago, because I wanted to make sure that the new configuration would "stick". I decided to try something completely new, based on something I read online.

Instead of keeping my clean dishes in an upper cabinet, as I have done my entire life, I moved the clean dishes to a drawer in the island. In a future post, you will see what I gained by doing that.

Here are my "after" photos, still maintaining their organized status after a week of use. I will keep this arrangement for the foreseeable future.

I'm not sure how relevant the before/after comparison is, because it's comparing apples and oranges. Although I did wind up moving nearly all of what was in the before drawer (first photo) to the bottom drawer (last photo). I weeded out a few things that I don't use often. T had taken to throwing anything he wasn't sure where it went into my most-used drawer, which is how it got so terribly messy. That was not me, for once. Now my measuring supplies drawer is less convenient for him to get to, and it is painfully obvious if he puts anything unauthorized into the middle drawer (third photo) so it has remained organized.

Now all three large drawers in the island include my most-used items, directly under where I do the lion's share of my prep work. Previously, the bottom drawer (second photo) held only miscellaneous items seldom used. I can move those items to a less-convenient location. When I first moved into the house, the lowest drawer WAS the less-convenient location, since we did not live here full-time and I spent considerably less time in the kitchen, and did not have it full with nearly the amount of equipment I have (and use) now. But since I prepare three meals a day on most days of the week, I've decided that bending down to reach things without having to take extra steps is more convenient than remaining upright but walking across the room. A week of actual use has not changed my mind, it is indeed more convenient to have everything I need in one place, even if I must bend over to reach it.