Two Out Of Three Panels Done!

I was able not only to finish the second of the window panels while the sitter was here this afternoon, but I also was able to go out for a 3-mile jog.

I actually went on the jog first, then started the panel after my shower when I got back. It took 2.5 hours to complete since each step made me tired and I had to take breaks to rest. I didn't expect it to tire me out so much based on the first panel I finished, so I suspect that it was because I started out tired from jogging three miles, and the rest of it just finished wearing me out.

No, I do not have a photo. It was all I could do to get the project done before my sitter had to leave-- I was literally hanging the draperies as her mother drove over to pick her up. But now that I at least have both panels for the windows around the door, this will help me get closer to a decision on the future color of the wainscoting.