Back in the Top 10

I spent the day with Terry yesterday, going to reunion events and running errands. We also caught a matinee at Vinegar Hill theater. So I completely missed what went on in the markets yesterday. But I see that my bearish stocks were up 6% in one day. That's huge. It was enough to bump me back into the Top 10 Platinum Market Timers in Cake. (I'm not sure if the link will work if you don't have a Cake account)

I'm at number six now. I'd been completely off the list for awhile, my holdings weren't doing so well. But I'm feeling good about my portfolio now.

However, I am going to read the news to figure out why there was so much market movement yesterday. Just from my email alerts I gather that the negative unemployment data announcement was the cause, but I'll have to read further to see if that's all it was or if there was more news.