23 Hipsters (Music Video)

I'll try borrowing one of T's microphones if I record another song. Here are the lyrics for this one:

23 Hipsters left their homes in Brooklyn
and are living as economic refugees
in the Hudson River Valley.

They liked their old neighborhoods
in Williamsburg and Cobble Hill.
If it weren't for the private school tuition,
they'd be there still.

Well, actually, they'd also like
more room for their kids to run around.
Now they're keeping all the realtors busy
in Tarrytown.


They ask us not to weep for them
in their Subaru SUVs;
They still get Fernet Branca cocktails
and monofloral honey.

It's true, their lives are quiet now--
no trustafarians at 3am.
And you don't have to live in the city
to get locally smoked ham.


Now it's a 40 minute drive for them
to see other moms with tattos,
and the New York Times reported this
as culturally relevant news.

I guess what they're doing is just so new,
no one's ever dared to do it before:
move your family from that shoebox in the city
and start commuting on Metro North.