Max Unloads the Dishwasher (Video)

Remember in a previous post when I mentioned that you would eventually see what I gained by moving my clean dishes from an upper cabinet to a drawer in the kitchen island? Here it is!

I had originally envisioned W being the one putting away the dishes, but he has yet to show the slightest interest. M, however, loves the chore. I switched to Corelle dishes around the time M was born, and that is the reason a young toddler can carry all the dishes-- they are very light and the kids haven't managed to chip them yet.

Both boys can set the table-- usually I call them into the kitchen where they select their own plate or bowl and silverware (I've since moved the baby utensils to a cup inside the drawer since M is too short to see into the regular silverware drawer). Once I remind them to hold the plate or bowl level with two hands, I'll put their food on it, and they'll carry it to their place at the dining room table. If M is already in his high chair (which he climbs into on his own) then W will serve him first.

Once I had dinner on the stove cooling off so it wouldn't burn the boys' tongues. But W was hungry and didn't feel like waiting, so while I relaxed on the sofa, he went and set the entire table for three (T doesn't eat dinner with us during the week, since we eat around 5pm). Then he even managed to apportion out servings for each of us, and came into the playroom to inform me that the food was no longer too hot to eat and that we should come into the dining room right away. If only W were the hungriest of us every day!

It's been a few weeks since I put the dishes in the drawer, and have been very satisfied with the move. They stay stacked neatly, even with children opening and closing the drawer all day, and the boys are learning some self-sufficiency. And I have fewer dishes to wash by eliminating serving dishes from the table.

Moving our everyday dishes to the island would have never occurred to me had I not read an article online suggesting it as part of a kitchen makeover. I don't even remember if the reason was so that kids could reach the dishes, or if the tip was for people in wheelchairs or something, but I immediately thought of the kids.