Cleaning Day On My Own

When my housekeeper called on Thursday to say she couldn't make it out since they were without power at home and had to stay in to keep the generator running so their baby would stay warm. I said that was the appropriate priority, I'd muddle through without her this week and see her again next Thursday. I told the boys that we would have our own cleaning day. I figured it would take us all day instead of a few hours, but we'd get it done.

Hahahahahahahahahaha! I am such an optimist! Or as T might say, ridiculously unaware of my own limitations. I got NOTHING cleaned yesterday, beyond what I usually take care of. I keep the dining room and the cooking half of the kitchen clean every day. That's it.

Today I was determined to do at least SOMETHING. W and I emptied all the little trash cans from every room (it fills a kitchen bag to the brim when we're done), and we changed the sheets on both beds. Hooray! I think that is probably the minimum I HAD to get done to keep the filth at bay. There is a possibility that I will pull out a vacuum before Julie comes back, but it's no guarantee. I'm definitely not going to attempt to clean any bathrooms or wash the floors.

In my dreams, I envision the day when the boys are both old enough to help, and we get the whole house clean in a few hours once a week. But like T suspects, I'm not very good at separating fantasy from reality. The benefit of that is that I'll try anything, and sometimes I surprise everyone but myself by succeeding. Other times, I fail and am the only one mystified by how I managed to not get whatever it was done.