W's Deer Stories

Last night, W told me a story. We were lying in bed, and he said, "Mama, did you know I have a problem with my tractor?"
"No, Will, what's the problem?"
"A deer tied it up."
"How did a deer tie up your tractor?"
"With string!"
"What did you do?"
"I untied it!"
"But then the deer tied it up AGAIN!"
"And then what did you do?"
"I untied it again! But then the deer tied it up again!"
"That deer has perseverance, he never gives up."
"When I took the string away, he blew up the tractor."
"How did he do that?"
"The deer took a match and put it on the ground, and then drove the tractor over the match, and KABLAM! it blew up!"
"Oh my."
"But then it blew up BACK TOGETHER!"
"What do you mean?"
"All the pieces came flying back together, and then POOF! the tractor was fixed again."
"How convenient. Go to sleep."

It would have never occurred to me to tell a story about a deer who likes to tie up tractors with string. I found this story considerably more charming than his usual stories about his giant, giant, monster truck that is as big as a house. I'm bored of that one, very little whimsy in it, although a huge dose of not understanding the scale of things. For example I think today the truck was as big as our house, but it could hold 100,000 people. That story varies a little from day to day, but I think I might prompt him about the deer from now on.

When I mentioned the string-deer to a neighbor we chatted with on the road today, W launched into a variation. The neighbor started by saying, "I sure hope that deer stays at YOUR house."
"I saw the deer at YOUR house last night."
"I'm glad I was asleep, I wouldn't want to deal with that deer."
"He was IN your house."
"No, we had the doors closed and the garage locked."
"The deer OPENED the garage and went in, I saw him!"
"Oh my."