Getting Closer to a Return

I am much closer to having the partnership return done before its due date (3/15) than I was last year. However, it still remains to be seen if I can actually get it done, or if I will have to file and extension anyway.

I was hoping to get it done this afternoon while my sitter was here, but had the live papal coverage on the TV and the kids in the room during much of my worktime. I wanted Will to be able to see the papal naming ceremony since it will be many years until there is another, and he's old enough to remember it now. Once Pope Francis I was finished speaking, I sent them all downstairs to bake a treat to celebrate (they made brownie cookies, yum!).

With the distractions, I didn't finish the return today, although I made significant progress. It still doesn't balance, but is close enough for hand grenades so I'll put in just a little more work to try to figure it out, but since the return isn't due until Friday I'm still hopeful I'll get it all the way done. And if I get the partnership return done, there is really little reason I couldn't get our personal returns done by their due date next month.

But although I've got another 20 minutes before M leaves me alone with my kids, my head hurts from working with all the forms, so I'm going to have to put the taxes aside as-is. I think I'll just have a little quiet time upstairs in my room.