First Blastball Game

We all went to W's first Blastball Game this morning! It was overcast, but the rain held off until late afternoon so we were fine, and it wasn't too cold.

There is only one base in Blastball, and it appears that the fielding positions are first base, first base, first base, shortstop, shortstop. The coach did not play anyone in the outfield this week, although one or two balls did manage to make it over the heads of the infielders. But most were grounders.

This photo makes me feel like a sports photographer, I caught W in mid-jump, no small feat based on the height of his jumps. This is him at the apex. Alas, it was not during some great play, but just him being restless before the game and jumping around at random.

Here's another action shot-- W had just hit the ball off the tee, and I got it all in the frame!

T and I both thought this first game went better than the first practice a few weeks ago. And as ridiculous as the game is with only one base, no scoring, and innings ending when each team has gone through their batting lineup twice, it is starting to make sense to me. Watching this larger group of kids (both teams), it is obvious that these four to five year olds could not handle more than this. They are barely managing this, although I also sense that they will improve greatly over the course of the season. That must be the genius of Blastball-- they concentrate on just the most basic facets of the game, and that's all. Next year I think W will age into the T-ball league, which lasts two years before they deem the kids old enough to start hitting pitches. But seeing these kids barely making it one base and back makes me wonder how on earth they'll handle the whole game next year. I might have to check out the league schedule and stroll over to check out a T-ball game one of these weeks to satisfy my curiosity.