Sick Day

I just got further behind on my paper projects. I had the sitter for two afternoons last week, but the second day, when I intended to put the corporate return to rest, the table
I was using collapsed when I was using the 2-hole punch, and my full cup of tea spilled and soaked all the documents. That was so demoralizing I just set everything out to dry and gave up for the day. I decided to use the last hour of my sitter time to do some neurofeedback, but I got a low-battery signal and it didn't work. It was not my day.

My backup plan was to spend my "free" day finishing up that return, but last night the minor cold I first noticed last Sunday took a turn for the worse. I woke up today not feeling much better, so I've just spent the day in bed. Hopefully this day of rest is all I need. But I'm resigned to filing an extension for our personal returns now, also. If the LLC had been done by this weekend, there would be a (still highly optimistic) chance of finishing the other on time. But now, no way.