Why Is It Always So Bad?

You know, I went into the preparation of our personal tax return with a good attitude today. I had already installed the software, the documents I needed were all in an envelope clearly labeled "2012 Taxes", and it's quiet with the kids out of the house. I was in a good mood when I sat down, ready to just enter in all the info that I have so that I can print out the extension form and be done with it until the corporate return is done and I can finalize the return.

But I didn't even enter in all the info that I DO have finals for before I started to feel frustrated with the process. TurboTax was telling me that something I thought WAS taxable wasn't, and for other things it was asking for more complicated information than what is provided on the regular forms. Aaaaauuurgh! I was ready to just drop in some numbers, and get an answer. I do NOT have my head around re-calculating my 2011 return to figure the taxable amount of last year's refund. Nor can I fathom why our Roth conversion is showing up as non-taxable, which makes me wonder if the brokerage processed it correctly. I am not going to deal with complications today.

I am abandoning the taxes now. I will ask T what he thinks, he usually has good advice on this. My inclination is to just assume we owe nothing, file the extension with no payment, and deal with the details later.