William Mulches (Video)

This is unedited, you have the opportunity to watch in real time W and M working together to fill a toy wheelbarrow with mulch, dump it near the shrub, then return for the next load.

M lost interest about halfway through the job and came to "help" me in the garden, but W continued until the mulching job was entirely done. He probably needed 15 or so loads of his little wheelbarrow to mulch that shrub. I did not do any mulching myself that day, lest he see that I could carry the same amount in about 2 or 3 loads of my enormous wheelbarrow and become demoralized about his progress.

I am perfectly contented to let him take as long as he needs to do mulch things himself, it is very useful for me, and one of the few gardening tasks he doesn't think is "too boring".