I Hate Packing

Packing is the worst part of travel for me. I wouldn't bother if we were just going to NJ for a week, since I've got clothes and stuff up there for everyday (although I would have to bring a party dress up from VA at this point if I was going to any event). But since we're going to LA, I'll need to have some fashionable outfits on hand.

I've gained weight since last summer, so I've had to try everything on and pack away an entire box of summer clothes that no longer fit. I am left with a significantly smaller summer wardrobe and I cannot risk that I'll have anything appropriate in NJ that will fit. Fortunately, I weeded out all the tight clothes last week so at least I can just choose my outfits from what's left in my closet without having to try them all on now.

I know it's not that big a deal to pack, but since I have ADD, like everything else it is just harder for me to get this done than it is for most people. But since it's already past noon, and it will probably be 7+ hour drive to NJ today I need to stop procrastinating and just do it. Bleh.