I've had a few thoughts about vegan eating during this first week of my experiment, but due to a busy schedule then illness, I've not had a chance to post until now.

First, it has not been difficult to stick to it. There are plenty of foods that I enjoy and I'm never going hungry.

Second, the downside to the never-going-hungry part is that when I eat until I feel full, shortly afterwards I feel bloated and gross. What I have come to realize over the course of the week is that this low-protein diet does not send the "I'm full" signal to my brain as quickly as when I was eating animal proteins. So I need to adjust my habits to eat way less than I think I need, then just wait to see if I need more. I think my body may adjust its signals, but it might take a few weeks or longer to get that worked out. Until then, I must just experiment with vegan portions of various dishes until I figure out the minimum that will satisfy me. This is annoying, but not so difficult as to sour me on the diet.

Third, I really like fried bean patties. I like them hot, I like them cold, I like them for snacks, I like them as a meal. And they are infinitely variable, so I think they may become the mainstay of my existence. They can be mild or spicy, crispy or soft, hot or cold, light or heavy. Vary the beans, vary the oil, vary the vegetables, vary the herbs and spices, vary the breadcrumbs. And if you keep the bean paste in the fridge unfried, you can spread it on toast for an entirely different flavor.

Fourth, I'm probably better off just coming up with my own recipes than trying too many from online. So far, everything I've followed from a vegan recipe, tastes, well, vegan. And everything that I've just come up with on my own has tasted better to me. This could very well be a matter of personal taste more than some problem with vegan recipes, per se, but time will tell. Once I master a repertoire of vegan dishes that meet my non-vegan taste standards, I might be in a position to sell a cookbook! I made a vegan spanikopita this morning that wasn't half bad, but I suspect that as I continue learning new techniques I could make it even better. I really would like to get things up to the level of "good" before putting the recipes out there for public trial.

I haven't gotten on the scale since my unfortunate bout of stomach flu (my first as an adult), but I don't feel as if I lost weight by eliminating animal products. According to my online food log, it has not really reduced my calorie intake, it's right about where I used to be. Although I am overheating because of the problem with the fullness signal (point number 2 above) so maybe once I get that worked out it will end up being fewer calories, the jury is still out on whether this change of diet will lead to weight loss for me.