Redneck Martha Stewart

Originally, I purchased some pretty plant stands to use as outdoor side tables. I was going to have some acrylic squares cut to fit the top. But for the past five years, I've just used them as-is, suffering many spilled drinks over that time from putting the glass down on an unstable location on the filigree since I never got around to ordering the acrylic.

Since I was expecting company yesterday, and didn't want my guest to have to negotiate the tricky problem of the filigree tabletop, I went ahead with Plan B.

Step 1: Grab a piece of scrap wood from the nearest trailer:

Step 2: Snip off a piece of fence wire from the rolls in the weeds at the end of your driveway:

Step 3: Drill some holes in the wood and wire it to the top of the metal plant stand:

Step 4: Enjoy the sun going down over the mountains without worrying about spilling your glass of wine:

Take that, Martha. I will be queen of my own redneck crafts empire.