Tomorrow Might Be A Shopping Day

I really dislike going shopping on Saturdays, it's hard to say whether it's more difficult to shop alone on a Saturday or with the children on a weekday. But I have to return some chair cushions, and hopefully find acceptable replacements in order to finish a renovation project. I would also like to get something to use to cover the sectional on the porch, it really needs help and I am NOT going to buy anything new while W is in such a destructive phase.

W has been breaking things every day. He doesn't mean to be breaking them, but he's poking and prodding and twisting and tossing around and tying things together and dragging them and who knows what, so things are just getting broken left and right. I don't care when he breaks his toys; since I don't buy him new ones, he just has to deal with it. But it's seriously annoying when he breaks MY stuff. I used to let him play with all kinds of non-toys, but lately I've drastically curtailed it. No more playing with baking equipment or anything in the kitchen, or in the bathroom, or in the garage. Although the door on the garage has been broken for over a month so it's hard to keep him out, he's always sneaking in there and wreaking havoc. I hope this is just a phase, and he'll soon get a clue about how to stop breaking things. M is no longer the one most likely to blame for broken objects.

I had planned on doing the shopping today, but Ws's behavior was so bad I couldn't leave the house with them. So I'm doubly irritated tonight not only because of a bad day, but also because my day off might not be as relaxing as I'd been looking forward to. Eh, I'll probably just push off finishing the project and hope for the best. I just know from past experience that if I don't finish something right away, it could be months before it gets done. And since I'm working on an outdoor chair, I won't get to use it now for the most pleasant weeks of spring if it remains undone. Well, I'm done worrying about it for tonight, I'll just sleep on it and let tomorrow unfold as it will.